Cue Accessories

200005-Predator 1080 High Performance Cue Chalk

Predator 1080 High Performance Cue Chalk

After more than five years of research and development, and three years of testing by the game's top pros, the next Predator evolution has arrived. Comprised of a special formula utilizing Pure silica and an exacting development process, 1080 Pure was created with one thing in mind – winning. Comes in packs of 5. ''IT'S THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY AND SIMPLY THE BEST CHALK ON THE MARKET.''- DARREN APPLETON, WORLD 9-BALL CHAMPION

200104-Cue Cube ShaperCue Cube Shaper 

Fits right on your keychain or cue case. Always make sure you have a shaper

 handy so your chalk will stick and you can prevent those costly miscues.

This stylish keychain has both a shaper and a taper.

200209-Q SmoothQ Smooth 

Q Smooth is the world's most advanced cue shaft burnisher and smoothing system. These 4 'slips' of micro-abrasives are used in succession to smooth your shaft to a like-new condition. When used as directed, this system will produce a surface finish so smooth and shiny, you'll have to see and feel it to believe it. It improves your stroke by giving your cue shaft an incredibly smooth finish. Q Smooth fits in your wallet, pocket, or cue case. Each packet of Q Smooth includes 14 fingertip slips of technically-advanced micro-fine ceramic beads firmly bonded on quality 3 mil polyester film: 2 white (medium-fine) slips, used for smoothing rough or hardwood shafts; 4 blue (fine) slips, used for smoothing normal cue shafts; 4 green (very fine) slips for burnishing the shaft; and 4 yellow (micro-fine) slips for giving your shaft its final polish. Q Smooth will not scratch or damage cue shafts. They are washable and reusable, and are quick and easy to use, even during tournament play. Recommend to use with Q Clean, Q Smooth, and Q Glide. 

200210-Q Slick200208-Q Clean200211-Q Glide

Q Slick

Q Slick by Performance Cue Care is a very effective pool cue shaft sealer and conditioner. Q Slick pool cue shaft sealer gives your pool cue shaft that smooth feel for a more controlled hit and seals your cue shafts pores from moisture, hand oils, and dirt. Q Slick also helps revitalize and preserve your wood pool cue shaft. Q Slick is has a fast drying formula that eliminates waxy buildup. Just squeeze a few drops on a clean dry cloth and apply evenly over the shaft. Then buff the pool cue shaft dry. Recommend to use with Q Clean, Q Smooth and Q Glide. 

Q Glide

Q Glide is a stroke enhancing anti-friction surface treatment for all cue shafts and balls. Q Glide achieves that friction free, super gliding surface the professional player's demand. Q Glide can also renew the look of all your billiard balls. Q Glide is a clear odorless liquid that comes in a convenient 1/4 oz pocket size bottle. Directions: Place one drop on a paper towel and buff cue shaft. 


Q Clean 

Q Clean by Performance Cue Care is the ultimate cue shaft cleaner that will clean your cue shaft and ferrule so they look and feel like new. Q Clean helps to improve your stroke by providing a smooth, ultra clean shaft. It eliminates drag due to sticky dirt and oils on the shaft surface and in the pores. Even the toughest stains, and those annoying chalk stains on the ferrule are removed from your pool cue. Q Clean is safe and effective on fine quality custom wood shafts and all ferrule materials. Just sprinkle a little Q Clean powder on a clean, damp rag, wipe down your shaft and repeat. Rub it dry and you'll be amazed at how good your cue looks and how smooth your stroke can be. Follow up with Q Slick to seal the wood ours and keep the dirt out of the grain. 

200201-Karseal Cue Wax Polish

Karseal Cue Wax Polish 

Specially formulated with the finest Carnauba wax to give your cue the ultimate in protection, use Cue Wax on a regular basis to help preserve the natural characteristics of the woods.

200033-Tweeten's Cue Repair Kit

Tweeten's Cue Repair Kit 

Everything you keep your cues in perfect shape. Comes with Tweeten's 10 Minute Cue Tip Cement, cue-top sander, cue shaper with refill, 3 peices of Master blue cue chalk, tip clamp and 10 pieces 12.5 mm Elk Master cue tips. The cue-top sander makes it easy to flatten and clean the top of the cue ferrule so you can easily glue on your new tip. The kit also comes with some table spots and cloth repair backers. Instructions included. 

200261-Willard Shaper 12-13mm

Willard Shaper 12-13mm 

Get an effortlessly shaped cue tip to give you perfect spin on every shot. The carbide grit sander will precisely contour the tip every time. The gauge shows you when it’s shaped right. 10-11mm Nickel Size .415/10.5mm Radius 

200007-9'' Nylon Pool Table Brush

9'' Nylon Pool Table Brush 

Keep your billiard cloth looking like new. Use a table brush to remove lint and chalk marks to help maintain the appearance and playability of your cloth. Remember, always brush from the head to the foot of your table. 

200169-Horse Hair Brush 10 1/2''


Horse Hair Brush 10 1/2'' 

Keep your billiard cloth looking like new. Use a table brush to remove lint and chalk marks to help maintain the appearance and playability of your cloth. Remember, always brush from the head to the foot of your table. 


220037-Cue Chalk Silver Cup Burgundy (4 pack)220076-Cue Chalk Silver Cup Copper (4 pack)  220071-Cue Chalk Silver Cup Blue (4 pack)220072-Cue Chalk Silver Cup Green (4 pack)

Cue Chalk Silver Cup (4 pack) 

The best value chalk on the market today. Made in Macon Georgia, Silver Cup chalk is made to stay on your cue tip and not on the balls, helping you save time and preventing miscues. 


200362-Cue Shaper 9'' Metal

Cue Shaper 9''

For the pro tip shaper that wants complete control over the curvature of their leather tip. Allows for all tip sizes. Sandpaper is easily replaced. Refill sandpaper sold separately


200356-PENETR-8-R Shaper Tool

PENETR-8-R Shaper Tool

Machined from a block of solid 6061 aluminum this handy shaper / tip perforator tool gives you the best of everything you want in 1 easy to use tool. With a CNC machined dime radius shaper that will never wear out on one side and nearly 100 steel needles to aerate and perforate even the hardest leather tip… The PENETR-8-R offers durability, functionality and affordability like no other tool in the world! Measuring only 1.5? long and only weighing about an ounce it will easily fit in to your pocket or any cue case. Also makes a great pocket marker for the league players!


200402-Porper Portable 2 Cue Rack

Porper Portable 2 Cue Rack 

You never have to lean your cue against the table and fear someone knocking it over again. The plastic cue rack comes already assembled and easily secures to any standard pub table without marking the table or cue. Holds up to 2 cues. Cues not included. 

200066-Q-Claw 2 Cue Holder

Q-Claw 2 Cue Holder

This quality rubber cue holder is perfect for holding two cues while you wait for your next shot. Easily sits on the edge of a counter or table to keep your cue safe from falling. 

Cue it Up Cue Holder


The Cue-It-Up cue holder holds up to 4 cues safely and securely. Each clip comes in blue, red or purple metal fleck colors and features rubber overlays to protect sticks. Each cue clip has a anti-slip ball holder built in and features a 9 ball image on one side and a 8 ball image on the other. These clips open wide with a strong spring to keep it held securely to almost any table top or cue case strap. These cue clips are a low cost, light weight, portable and practical billiard accessory.







                       Pool Table Games


Picture Pool Table Golf Game

Pool Table Golf

This twist on pool is sure to please any pool player and avid golfer. The Billiard Golf Game is certain to bring more life, challenge and excitement to your billiard table. It is the perfect blend of golf and billiards; merging skill and strategy into a fun party game that everyone can play. This 16'' x 28'' wall mounted dry-erase game board titled ''Autumn Mist'' features a beautiful panoramic scenery of a golf course, sure to blend into any decor. Easy-to-follow rules and playing instructions. Includes game score board, dry-erase marker, triangle sticker sheet, game rules and instructions.

200034-Maple Skittle Pins 3 1/2''

Maple Skittle Pins 3 1/2'' 

Skittle pins are used on a pool or snooker table in their own game of knock down. This set includes rules, 3 natural and 2 black wooden pins. See the Rules section for a further explanation of skittle. 

200025-Plastic Pea Pool Tally Balls200024-Plastic Pea Pool Bottle

Plastic Pea Pool Tally Balls 

Pea Pool tally balls can be used with a set of pool balls in their own game of elimination or can simply be used as a process of determining order of play. Best used with a Pea Pool bottle. See the Rules section for an in depth description of Pea Pool. Pea Pool or Kelly pool (also known as pill pool, keeley, the keilley game, and killy) is a pocket billiards game played on a standard pool table using fifteen numbered markers called peas or pills, and a standard set of sixteen pool balls. Gameplay involves players drawing peas at random from a shake bottle, which assigns to them the correspondingly numbered pool ball, kept secret from their opponents, but which they must pocket in order to win the game. Kelly pool is a rotation game, which means that players must contact the lowest numbered object ball on each shot first until the opportunity to pocket their own is presented. 

600078-Poker Pool Card Game

Poker Pool Card Game 

Combine the skill of pool with the luck of the cards to create a game that requires different strategies each time you play. This game can be played with 2 or more players and is great because it is one of the few games for the pool table where an odd number of players can participate. Contains 60 specially designed playing cards and rules in both English and French.