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All people from 7 to 77 will enjoy this very entertaining family game. This 12' deluxe model is solidly built, with moulded corners, solid oak handrail caps and built-in scoreboard in the rails. The laminated surface is made to withstand the most intensive type of game played on it. Included in the price:
the deluxe
"SUN-GLO" rocks.


Overall size : 138" long X 30" wide X 33" high
Height of playing surface : 30"
Weight : 232 lb / 105 kg

1- Frame :
The frame is made of premium quality plywood laminated with oak veneer.

2- Corners :
Round moulded corners.

3- Handrail caps :
The only shuffleboard with solid oak handrail caps which give it a unique cachet,
all competitors using plastic instead.

4- Score counter :
Built-in, professional style score counter
antique copper finish.

5- Playing surface :
ARBORITE® playing surface. Burn-, stain-, and scratch-resistant for a longer service life, ensures a uniform speed and is easy to maintain and clean.

6- Legs :
Solid oak leg base for maximum solidity.

7- Leg levellers :
Leg levellers will ensure to obtain the optimal level.

8- Finish :
Carefully applied finish ensures quality and durability. Range of five finish colours : natural oak, honey, medium oak, mahogany, black. Other colours available with a
slight extra charge.

9- Rocks :
Set of 8 steel and chrome deluxe "SUN GLO" rocks
included in the price.

All specifications subject to change without notice.