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Rx Therapy is a line of products designed entirely around soaking away aches and pains, while relaxing and soaking in vitamins. Reduce tension, relax your muscles, grab a towel, and get soaking! Transform your hot tub or bath into a calming, spa like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Soft Soak Trio


No measuring, no chemistry lessons – just open, pour and enjoy. If you’re like most people, you own a spa that holds about 1,000 – 1,900 litres of water. The Soft Soak TRIO system was made for spas like these; with pre-measured packets that eliminate the guesswork and let you know exactly when to add them. Three products, three months of stress-free enjoyment.

Everyone’s disc golf game is different. With Innova’s extensive disc selection, you might be missing out on some discs that could fit nicely into your game. Come down to see our excellent selection of Discs.

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