Shafts Colette
Ultimate flight grip is achieved with the unique Colette top, which keeps the flights firmly locked in place - eliminating flight "fall-out"
Shafts Graflite
Aluminium - featuring weight reduction zones
Shafts Aztec
Strong and stylish, these diamond cut, anodised alumnium shafts add stunning visual appeal
Harrows Vibro Shaft
Unlike a rigid shaft which can obstruct following darts, the new Vibro shafts allow clear tracking into the board, reducing deflections and eliminating bounce outs.
Shafts Revolver
This anodised aluminium shaft features a fixed top, which will rotate if struck by a following dart = higher scores!
Shafts Nylon
The world's most popular high grade nylon shafts for easy flight loading. The high-torque steel ring grips keep the flights firmly locked in place
Shafts Gyro
Rotating top for higher scoring
Clic Shaft
Flight rotates if a following dart makes contact

Flights will not come off during play

Made from super tough state of the art materials

17 degrees of longditudinal flex reduces deflections

Flight and shaft weigh the same as the traditional system
Shafts Quiver
Flexible polycarbonate shaft minimises deflections. The top can be removed and the shaft cut to players preferred length
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Shafts Anodised Al
Anodised aluminium with cross hole locking device. Simple, stylish and extremely long lasting
Shafts Aluminum
Designed in 1980, this classic waisted shape was styled on the Alamo shaft and is now available worldwide
Shafts Alamo
The best of both worlds - a fusion of aluminium top and moulded linker for all round precision performance
Shafts Carbon Plus
Graphite has a higher specific tensile strength than steel. When combined with a low weight to volume ratio, this makes an ideal combination of lightness and strength. As a result of this, Graphite has been used in many sporting applications including: golf clubs, fishing rods, tennis rackets and snooker cues. The Carbon Plus shaft, which features a super light graphite rod, weighs in at a mere 1.0 grams.
Shafts Heavy Metal
Weighing in at 4gms, compared to its equivalent in Aluminium of 1.4gms, the extra weight offered by Heavy Metal shafts gives the player the chance to "custom balance" their darts. The high tech material used to produce these shafts has a specific gravity of 8.6, compared to 2.6 for Aluminium. After extensive laboratory tests on Heavy Metal shafts, Harrows technologists have established that the midi length (41.5 mm) works best for the majority of players.
Shafts Tiger
Anodised aluminium with diamond cut stripes
Shafts Supergrip
The 21st Century nylon shaft, features precision factory-fitted, machined rings which, unlike traditional springs do not open when flights are fitted. This results in an incredible vice-like grip.
Shafts Dimplex
Using golf ball technology, the dimples act as turbulators and induce a stabilising layer of air around the shaft. This reduces drag and increases lift. The shaft is made from a unique, toughened composite which offers exceptional flight grip.
Shafts Supergrip Spin
The Supergrip Spin shaft has a firm rotating top, which is designed to spin if a following dart makes contact. This reduces deflections and bounce outs. The factory fitted ring keeps the flight firmly locked in place.
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