Hot Tub  Covers

Our custom made hot tub and spa covers provide unbeatable quality at an affordable price. Our covers are made from the strongest marine grade vinyl in the industry to withstand the harsh winter months and are both UV and mildew resistant. 

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WaterWay Executive Pump
Executive wet end designed specifically for 56-frame motors
Two double shielded ball bearings with moisture resistant grease for quieter operation and longer life
Two speed motors have four sets of insulated windings for increased efficiency
56-frame motor for added strength, cooler operating temperature and longer motor life
Large 2 ½” intake for improved flow performance and reduced noise
Large 6 ½” diameter wet end for higher head pressure.
Tiny Might Pump
High volume side discharge efficiency
60% more efficient than our center discharge pumps
Side discharge for optimum flow
1″ union or 1″ barb
Wet end can be rotated for easy installation
1/16 HP
Iron Might Pump
24-hour circulation
48-frame proven design
Side discharge for optimum flow
Multiple union assemblies available
Delivers 40 GPM
1/15 HP
Only 1.3 Amps
Viton seals
1 1/2″ Intake and Discharge
Laing Pump
Circ Master
Circ-Master pumps take 24-hour filtration to a new level, delivering the highest GPM of any recirculation pumps in the spa industry. Higher GPM allows the Circ-Master to operate a high-flow heating system resulting in increased heating efficiency and up to four times the filtration.
Balboa Spa Pak
The Value Series (VS) family of hot tub control systems were designed using Balboa's patented M7® temperature and water
flow sensing technology and a new universal control platform.
These features increase the reliability, ease of installation and serviceability of the control.
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