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Sport Jr
Get the edge on the competition with the new Midnight Sport dart. Stunning black Titanium barrel with a BD original Pentathlon flight and nylon shaft. One of our most popular barrel shapes makes the Midnight Sport the must have dart this season.
A great introduction to Tungsten Darts. Sport Darts are loved and used by both beginners and accomplished players alike. Choose from six barrel designs. The package includes one set 80% Tungsten darts, Pentathlon flights, and nylon shafts.
Hammer Head Mega Thrust
This awesome line of Hammer Head® Mega Thrust™ darts has its own unique “front loaded” barrel design and wide groove pattern that has allowed it to become one of the most popular darts on the market. The 90% tungsten Mega Thrust™ is available in Bottelsen’s own Black Steal™ tungsten oxide finish, Tough Koat™ finish, or the original silver design.
Hammer Head Gorilla Grip
Bottelsen’s Gorilla Grip™ knurl offers the strongest grip on Planet Earth! This extra coarse knurl gives the dart thrower maximum grip for a powerful and uniform release. The Gorilla Grip™ Hammer Head® 90% tungsten dart line offers a variety of weights, satisfying every dart thrower’s need.
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Harrows Plexus 90% Tungsten Dart Set
The Plexus dual-grip concept is an intricate network of transverse and lateral milling with concave machining, all performed on our state-of-the-art machinery and finished with a recessed, vibrant metallic, red coating. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams
Harrows Quantum 90% Tungsten Dart Set
Quantum darts are a complex combination of precise milling, re-cutting and a recessed, vivid metallic coating which results in a unique concave, segmented grip to give players perfectly refined, mufti-directional control. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams
Harrows Veridian 90% Tungsten Dart Set
The Veridian range is designed to incorporate 5 different grip sections which span the length of the parallel barrel. The finest injection moulded 90% tungsten is turned on our Japanese CNC machines, given a tough black titanium nitride coating, delicately re-machined to give a precise grip and finished with a hint of green to offer a truly elegant look. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with green Supergrip Fusion shafts and new Prime flights
Harrows Duzza Durrant 90% Tungsten Dart
We worked closely with our Champ, Glen Durrant, to create his new, impressive darts. Glen wanted extra grip in particular areas, so we increased the groove width and depth to achieve what Glen has said offers him the perfect balance between grip and release control. Glen also wanted the darts to reflect his image, so we have added our new, vivid red metallic coating as well as a splash of white paint, to create this stunning set of quality tungstens.
Harrows Verve 90% Tungsten Dart Set
Designed for serious players, by serious players. The all over grip has been finely adjusted to ensure maximum cohesion whilst still offering an easy, free-flow release. This combination results in a dart that is incredibly easy to use and remains consistent, throw after throw. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with orange Supergrip Fusion shafts and new Prime flights
Harrows 97% Wolfram Darts
Tungsten in its purest form, has the chemical name Wolfram. These darts are made from 97% Wolfram using a high pressure, super fine injection moulding process. This produces a uniform atomic structure for superior strength and perfectly balanced weight distribution. Each barrel will be laser engraved with the Harrows Wolfram logo and actual barrel weight
Adrian Lewis 80%
Endorsed by none other than Adrian ‘Jackpot’ Lewis, this 80% Target dart features distinctive black and gold rings and feature a carefully positioned scalloped lateral groove for firmer grip and reduced slipping. Comes complete with Target Pro Grip Shafts and Vision Ultra Flights and Target leather darts wallet
Raymond Van Barneveld Black 80%
This 80% Tungsten barrel features detailed, radial grooves, overlaid with Black Titanium Nitride Coating which delivers enhanced grip and barrel protection. The barrel is highlighted with vivid RVB orange coloured ring sections, ensuring your dart will stand out from the rest. The RVB 80% Black comes fitted with Black Point, Target Pro Grip shaft, and new Vision Ultra RVB Black flight which have been specifically designed to compliment this stunning dart.
Vapor 8 Black
The Vapor 8 Black 80% Tungsten barrel is highlighted with vivid coloured ring sections in blue, red, purple, yellow or green and features detailed, axial cuts, overlaid with Black Titanium Nitride Coating delivering enhanced grip and barrel protection.
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