Fastwax Shuffleboard Wax
This wax is in flake form. As the rock slides over the wax and playing surface, the speed is dependent on how slippery the playing surface is. For best results with this wax, a clean, slick playing surface is required. Regular use of Shuffleboard Cleaner and Shuffleboard Silicone Polish is recommended. For use with table shuffleboards only.
Ultra Fast Shuffleboard Wax
This wax is in bead form. As a result, this wax actually rolls between the rock and the playing surface. This means the playing surface does not need to be slippery, just clean. We recommend cleaning the surface regularly with Shuffleboard Cleaner. For use with table shuffleboards only.
JETT Super-Clicker Shuffleboard Rocks
High quality shuffleboard rocks are essential to a great game of shuffleboard. JETT has created the perfect set of deluxe chrome rocks for any skill level. These Pucks are made with hardened steel chrome plated for strength with a plastic cap. Super-Clicker rocks are regulation size and weight 2 5/16'' diameter size. 4 Red and 4 Blue.
Shuffleboard Silicone Polish Spray 250ml
Jett Shuffleboard Silicone Polish increases the speed of the shuffleboard and provides extra protection for the finish.
Shuffleboard Cleaner 250ml
Jett Shuffleboard Cleaner has been specially formulated to cut through waxy soils, leaving your shuffleboard squeaky clean. Recommended for use about once a week.
Set of 8 Spangler Professional Shuffleboard Rocks
High quality Shuffleboard weights are essential to consistent play. Shuffleboard rocks are also referred to as shuffleboard pucks or weights. Sun-Glo Professional Grade (Spangler) pucks have patented thumb push-offs. Spangler pucks are high-polish solid stainless steal not chrome plated.
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