Founded in 1973, Canada Billiard is the largest manufacturing unit and distributor of billiard tables and accessories in Canada. Since 2002, we have doubled our manufacturing capacity and staff.

Why choose Canada Billiard?

  • All our wood is bought in Canada from Canadian distributors.

  • We offer the widest variety of wood (oak, maple, mahogany, walnut and cherry), stains and finishes of all the industry.

  • Our table structures are assembled with bolts to ensure a solid construction. Other manufacturers will simply use fragile hooks and screws. We are the only manufacturer to install leveler foots on all our tables.

  • Our workshop has top of the line tools for carpentry art and is managed by highly specialized staff.

  • Our wide choice of tables for both residential and commercial use can match all decors and are sold at very competitive prices.

  • Our products are in constant evolution. Our latest, La Condo 2 in 1 (diner and billiard), has gained the hearts of many of our clients.


We regularly see on the news, cases of recalls from imported products manufactured with finishing materials and paints containing toxic materials. We ignore the contents of the finishing materials used on imported products. We also ignore the toxicity levels of the finishing products used by those North-American distributors. What we know however, is that our products are safe for the consumers.

Canadian rules are very strict concerning the usage of dangerous materials in finishing products. We know other countries don’t follow the same rules and don’t manufacture with the same rigor as we do in Canada. Recalls on articles as different as toothpaste, food and toys are a simple proof.